Workshops and Programs

Quilt Guild Programs

Longarm Machine Quilting and How To Prepare Your Quilt
This is a PowerPoint presentation on longarm quilting. It describes the various aspects of the machine including loading the quilt and tools used in the quilting process. Thread, batting choices, and how to prepare your quilt for your longarm quilter are also discussed. A small trunk show of quilts follows the power point presentation.

Color My World
Various dyes and paints that are used to achieve beautiful results are discussed in this program. The technique of mixing dyes, uses of stamps and stencils to achieve different results, and painting fabric for special backgrounds are all covered. This is a Power Point presentation with discussion afterward. A handout of resources will be available along with dyed fabric samples.

Judges, The Judging Process, And Preparing Your Quilt for Competition
In this program, I discuss judges and their process of elimination through the forms that organizations use. Included in discussion is how to get your quilt in the best condition for competition. This is a Power Point presentation with discussion of questions and answers afterward. Examples of quilts will be shown and discussion will revolve around these quilts.

Click for larger viewWinning Techniques
Various sewing techniques and how to integrate them into your work are discussed. Original designs can be accomplished through adding a series of different techniques as needed. Quilts will be shown and discussion will revolve around their origin and the techniques used to accomplish them.

Trunk Show - Progress and Adventure Through the Years

With this program, I take you through the years of quilting from the very beginning to the present. My how we change, develop and expand. Each quilt does indeed have a story to tell. Allow me to share my journey with you as it has been a fun ride and a true learning experience.

Quilt Guild Workshops

Click for larger viewAppliqué 101
I'll teach you how to do turn under appliqué, make smooth circles, and apply your appliqué by machine. This is a technique workshop that will allow you to do appliqué that can be deceptive as to whether it is done by hand or machine. Only very close observation will confirm with certainty and even then some may wonder.

Upside Down Applique

This workshop deals with a technique whereby you do work upside down with amazing results. Whether you are drawing your own design or working from a pattern, this technique simplifies and makes the design possible with minimal work.There's usually no need to purchase fabric as one can be adventurous with ones own fabric stash.                                                                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Click for detail viewFabric Dyeing and Painting
This workshop explores basic dyeing, sun printing, and fabric painting. We discuss the use of stencils and stamp pads with paints and inks. Discover the fun and the pleasure that producing your own specialty fabric can bring when you use them in your next quilt.